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A Father’s Love

There are nights I just find it a little harder to fall asleep. Tonight is just one of those nights. The past few weeks has been so powerful and life changing and I could not help but yearn for God... Continue Reading →


Live for Something Greater

To live a life so different but still reachable that it confronts others. It shows them that there is an alternative way to live life, a way so different, unconventional, radical even that it provides an option, a choice for... Continue Reading →

The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

It has been an amazing few months since I last posted and I'm just so happy to share some thoughts with everyone here. I have been a Christian for close to 6 years now and this revelation in the verse... Continue Reading →

When you Touch the wounds of Christ. Word will become flesh (John 1:14).

An excerpt of my first mission trip.


To what extent has love been displayed Nothing greater than the sacrifice our Jesus has made An awesome, almighty, all powerful God became man. He forgave sins, loved the sinners but was betrayed by a friend He gave in Without... Continue Reading →


God is amazing Waves crashing, John Mayer's 'Gravity' playing in the background. An alfresco area with the great blue ocean in full view, wooden beach chairs with an atmosphere of a laid back cafe. Thinking back, God has been busy.Busy... Continue Reading →

God’s promises

It's the second week of SCS and I am already dreading the book ins. The regimentation, the struggles to wake up in the morning and the constant fear of getting punishments and losing my weekends. Through all these, God's promises... Continue Reading →


It has been 3 months and I am finally back. If you were wondering, the country needed me and I was stuck in Tekong for the past months. That aside, the past 3 months allowed me to think and to... Continue Reading →

Privilege(pt 1)

I haven't been posting as often but I just felt God pushing me to update this blog. Perhaps 10,20 years down the road as I look back, this blog will serve as God's testimony and will chronicle my Christian walk.... Continue Reading →

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